Nu Day Gourmet Foods, a brand-new line of dehydrated and freeze-dried packaged foods that features a delicious variety of tasty and healthy alternatives to the flavorless, colorless freeze-dried foods that we've all come to know and disdain. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, more than 75 different menu combinations are possible for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Nu Day Gourmet Foods offers a healthier, tastier and convenient gourmet solution for your home emergency food, hiking, biking and camping foods, a quick and easy choice for the office or a "spa" treat.  Members of our staff are outdoorsy folks who enjoy hunting, fishing, backpacking and camping and some of us have been attending Burning Man for more than a decade, so we're also Playa-friendly.  

You might wonder why are we telling you this.  It's because we want you to know that we are community-minded and have hands-on experience with the outdoors in a variety of settings so we understand the practical and nutritional needs of outdoors folk. Our delicious entrees, add-ins, dips, and side-dishes require no cooking and take just a few minutes to prepare a great meal for yourself, a group, or for a large theme camp.  For large orders we offer discount pricing.

We are confident that you'll agree that our products are tasty, easy to prepare, and great to have on hand.  We're thrilled that you've come to our website and invite you to explore our growing list of dehydrated food products.

The Nu Day Gourmet Community
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shares all kinds of useful information that will help you and your family become better-informed (and better prepared) for personal, environmental and global emergencies. Join us in our blog for lots of great information, recipes and ideas on how to creatively and nutritiously enjoy Nu Day Gourmet Foods.

Current Specials:

Going to Burning Man?

Burner Special: Get a three day supply of these great meals which will feed 1-2 people, includes: 6 entrees, 3 salads or sides, 3 breakfasts (Eggs N Such or Cereals). Retails for $120, sale price $99 plus an additional 10% off through the end of August.  We'll be happy to ship anywhere in the US or directly to the Playa if/when possible.

New Friend!

We'd love to have you join our family of satisfied customers. Please enjoy $10 off your first order with the coupon below.  Enjoy!